OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Your factory’s blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels monitored in real-time. An essential part of manufacturing is the ability to quantify the productivity and efficiency of production processes and assets. Everything that can be measured, monitored, and managed can likely be optimized. This, by itself, is already a great…

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Meeting increased demand with a decreased labor force using MES

manufacturing robots used in automotive

The manufacturing industry has become more capital intensive and less labor-intensive over the period of years.  The use of high-technology production processes has helped many organizations climb the tier ladder and expand eventually. Furthermore, the complexity and the price for these technologies have been reduced equally to meet the demands…

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Top 5 Benefits of Implementing CMMS

CMMS helps plan equipment maintenance

Most maintenance teams have developed a reactive approach to breakdowns. Some of the most common maintenance issues include: Aging Equipment Prone To More Breakdowns Equipment Breakdowns Affecting Product Output High Maintenance Costs Cutting Into Bottom Line Lack Of Consistency In Maintenance Procedures Data Stored In Multiple Locations, No System Of…

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42Q Xchange

cloud mes images on a tablet

Introducing 42Q Xchange.  What is 42Q Xchange?  42Q Xchange is a set of APIs designed to allow connectivity between the customers’ ERP systems and 42Q, providing critical integration in their overall digital factory implementation.  Traditionally, ERP integration with an MES system requires an “adapter”, a set of code which would…

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42Q Process Control

Manufacturing is complex today, in many ways more complex than ever. The amazing products that some companies churn out today would have seemed like science fiction 30 years ago. Customers want more of these products, faster, smaller and cheaper. At the same time, costs for equipment, labor and components have…

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The Relevance of OEE and TEEP For Manufacturers Today

manufacturing robot being controlled by a tablet computer

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a measure of performance in the domain of manufacturing. It encompasses the maturity level of the shop floor from a standpoint of productivity, quality and availability of the assets to ensure operational efficiency and in turn address business results. OEE is measured as the product…

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