Our Story

Step into the Future

42Q was initially founded to improve & simplify complex manufacturing processes.

Our Roots

42Q development began 25 years ago, and was first put into production in a few dozen Sanmina and SCI factories making some of the most complex telecommunications, industrial and medical equipment in the world.

42Q as the Backbone of Sanmina's Industry 4.0 strategy:

Twelve years ago, Sanmina deployed its first ‘lights out’ fully automated production lines for high volume medical device manufacturing.  These lines had all electronic travelers, all electronic test data upload (through 42Q) and traceability of key components with data hyperlinked in the electronic travelers.  At the same time, we had the vision for real-time global factory visibility by connecting factory and test equipment to 42Q.  This capability became real eight years ago, enabling Sanmina executives to see real-time factory data anywhere in the world from their laptops.

Evolution to Cloud

As 42Q deployments grew at Sanmina, we saw the value of 42Q as a cloud solution.  Six years ago, we made 42Q a cloud solution, creating the industry’s first, multi tenant cloud based MES, allowing Sanmina to significantly reduce costs, increase manufacturing efficiency and more importantly increase availability while providing the ability to securely scale up or down as needed, a challenge that conventional onsite MES systems cannot address.


42Q is deployed in over 70 factories in 15 countries around the world.  Last year, over 100,000 unique top level assemblies were manufactured using 42Q.  42Q is used by Fortune 50, Fortune 500 and smaller companies as the foundation of their digital factories. 42Q is used for highly regulated medical, automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

Telecom BTO/CTO, with 42Q as the MES

Cloud technology enables benefits previously unrealized with on-premise MES systems

The MES 101 module from 42Q provides the core functions required for controlling and managing your critical manufacturing operations. MES 101 includes shop floor functions such as serialized inventory, cycle time management, order management, process routing control, employee verification and work instructions. Add to that key features such as track, trace and genealogy; quality functions such as control plans, critical to quality issues, and defect & repair management; plus packaging, labeling, and notifications and escalations. With MES 101, you begin using the software in just days, instead of the weeks or months required for legacy MES solutions. Start now, and you’ll manage your business operations in real-time. In no time.

Realize value from your MES system faster than ever before.

Business decisions are made faster today than ever before, and your MES system deployment needs to keep up. Traditional on-premise systems require you to specify and purchase server hardware, install an operating system, load application software, then test to make sure it all went as planned – which it rarely does.

42Q has robust and proven functionality ready to deploy right away. Tracking, serialization, routing, work instructions, paperless travelers and much more can be configured – and used the same day.

When it comes to adding a configuration in a second line or plant, 42Q can easily replicate or build onto your existing deployment.

42Q provides scalability, speed of implementation and the ability to pay only for what you use, when you need it.

Enclosure manufacturing facility, using 42Q MES
Class 2 medical system manufacturing facility, using 42Q

Monthly pricing and cloud deployment make it easy to start.

Why 42Q On-Demand Pricing Share Subscription Pricing Monthly pricing and cloud deployment make it easy to start.

Manufacturers often over-buy when it comes to MES systems. That’s understandable, but what if you could only pay for what you need, when you need it? What if you could purchase an MES solution without a significant capital expenditure?

42Q’s subscription model allows you this flexibility. Monthly costs fit better within existing budgets. You can start small and scale as needs change.

With legacy MES software license models – once you have purchased it – you own it, even if you are not satisfied. With 42Q’s subscription model, we earn your business each month. We’re not happy until you’re satisfied.

We also have found that a subscription model allows for a more natural adoption rate. Starting small and scaling only as users become more familiar is easy to do when you only pay for what you use.

Need to get started quickly?

The 42Q starter kits will help you to run the systems in few weeks.

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