Case Study

Manufacturer Digitally Transforms Operations in Only 3 Months, During Pandemic Restrictions

Deployment Time

12 weeks


42Q & SAP

Manufacturing Process Combinations


The Challenge

The manufacturer’s product had 50 base models and 400 feature options that were assembled ‘to order’ using a unique method. Over 100,000 part numbers had to be controlled in a manufacturing process that required between three to twenty machining, assembly and test steps. Seventy pieces of machining equipment were required to make the product, including computer numerical control (CNC) lathes and milling machines. Many of the machining steps could be processed on any one of multiple machines. Over 7,000 combinations of machine routings, base models and feature options were possible. This resulted in complex route determination. Uniquely, the assemble-to-order process required an exclusive part number assigned to each work order. Due to restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the MES system had to be deployed remotely without anyone physically visiting the factory.


Why 42Q

The 42Q MES platform was selected because of its ability to digitally transform the management of manufacturing operations and its variable cost model. It’s cloud-based architecture enabled remote deployment and meant that an on-premise installation was not required, allowing for a rapid implementation cycle, while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, 42Q could seamlessly integrate with the existing SAP ERP system.


  • 42Q was fully deployed and integrated with the customer’s ERP system in only 3 months during the pandemic, without any interruption to production.
  • The manufacturing operation was transformed from a paper-based system to a digital MES, without incurring any fixed cost.
  • The customer gained real-time access to full traceability, work-in-process, yield and traceability data and reported improvement in key metrics with a quarter of the go-live date.
Values & Capabilities

Delivered by Manufacturing Experts


Cloud-Based Technology

Servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and software are all leveraged within a powerful, streamlined cloud environment.

Subscription-Based Pricing

Customers pay a recurring monthly fee based on their actual usage of 42Q.

Rapid Implementation

90-day proof of concept for a portion of your operation. Quick deployment is part of our DNA!

Flexible Configuration

Ability to configure our platform to our customers' specific needs and industry.

Multi-Plant Visibility

Global visibility of production, accessible anywhere in the world with real-time analytics updates & comprehensive dashboards.

Track & Trace Genealogy

42Q provides the ultimate device history record solution, tracking all components, product changes, repairs and upgrades.
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