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The Risks & Costs of Sustaining
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Dependency and cost of
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Configuration changes

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to hours
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The Challenge

Bedford Industries wanted to future-proof their manufacturing operation. They needed to replace their homegrown MES system with a cloud-based, secure and mobile-enabled alternative. The existing system had been developed in-house and served the business well for over thirty years. However, it required on-site IT support and a team of programmers proficient in outdated programming languages. Recruiting software engineers with expertise in these languages when possible had become cost prohibitive. Changes to the system required software development skills in legacy languages and took months to implement. It was essential that the new system could be maintained by the production team without the need for software engineers.

Why 42Q

Bedford Industries had conducted a comprehensive evaluation to select a new ERP and MES system. They wanted an industry-leading solution with access to the latest technology and cyber security. 42Q’s simple user interface was attractive. 42Q was also highly recommended by NetSuite, which Bedford had selected as their new ERP. Having successfully conducted a proof of concept with 42Q in only 3 months, Bedford Industries chose 42Q as their MES system.



  • 42Q, being cloud-based has eliminated the requirement to recruit software engineers with experience in outdated software languages and on-site IT hardware.
  • The production team is now self sufficient in making configuration changes in hours that would previously have taken months.
  • Although Bedford Industries never had a product recall, food safety regulations require mock recall testing. The lead-time to identify products which need to be recalled during the test has reduced from 6 hours to under an hour.
  • Traceability has significantly improved with real-time data access.
Values & Capabilities

Delivered by Manufacturing Experts


Cloud-Based Technology

Servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and software are all leveraged within a powerful, streamlined cloud environment.

Subscription-Based Pricing

Customers pay a recurring monthly fee based on their actual usage of 42Q.

Rapid Implementation

90-day proof of concept for a portion of your operation. Quick deployment is part of our DNA!

Flexible Configuration

Ability to configure our platform to our customers' specific needs and industry.

Multi-Plant Visibility

Global visibility of production, accessible anywhere in the world with real-time analytics updates & comprehensive dashboards.

Track & Trace Genealogy

42Q provides the ultimate device history record solution, tracking all components, product changes, repairs and upgrades.
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