Rapid Series

The Rapid Series

Start your digital factory journey in just a few weeks.

Digital Factory Starter Kit

Does “Digital Factory” bring to mind the cost and complexity associated with legacy MES solutions? Are you wondering how to get started on the digital transformation journey without assuming significant risk? Think moving to a digital factory will take you months and cause endless headaches? Now you can begin your digital manufacturing transformation in just two weeks – with no interruption to your business or your customer deliveries.

The Rapid IIoT Solution

Manufacturers are excited about the benefits promised by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), yet many are wary of the time and resources required for this new industrial revolution. Now you can simplify and accelerate deployment of shop floor connectivity, data collection and storage, and data visualization and analysis – the most important building blocks for successful IIoT projects – with the Rapid IIoT Solution from 42Q.

The Rapid eDHR Solution

An electronic device history record (eDHR) allows manufacturers to collect and manage critical records required by the FDA to document the production of each device. By automating your device history record processes with an eDHR, you can more confidently achieve compliance with FDA cGMP requirements, reduce risk, while enhancing safety for medical device users. By bringing together all data about a device’s manufacturing and testing history, the eDHR tracks data to ensure the documented manufacturing process was followed, and ensure compliance.

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The 42Q starter kits will help you to run the systems in few weeks.

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