MES 101

MES 101 & Options

A manufacturing solutions for your critical manufacturing operations.

Modern MES, Cloud Based, Rapid Deployment

The MES 101 module from 42Q provides the core functions required for controlling and managing your critical manufacturing operations. MES 101 includes shop floor functions such as serialized inventory, cycle time management, order management, process routing control, employee verification and work instructions.

MES 101 Manufacturing Solutions include:

  • Cloud MES
  • Traceability & Unit History
  • Multi-Plant Visibility
  • Compliance Management
  • On-Demand Work Instructions

Module Options

42Q - Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module from 42Q provides real-time reports and alerts which makes executive-level visibility to operations a reality – right now. 42Q Business Intelligence provides easily-digestible data visualizations and enables executive and operations leadership to make smart decisions based on real-time, up-to-the-second information. Gain access to dashboards and digital signage support, automated reports, a virtual factory environment for at-a-glance view at all factory operations, Statistical Process Control (SPC), self-service reporting tools, and 42Q Live – the virtual factory map to see your entire enterprise down to the machine. Now.
42Q - Business Connectivity

Business Systems Connectivity

Easy connectivity to ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Netsuite, to PLM systems such as Agile, and to any number of other vendor ERP and PLM solutions using 42Q’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) at time of implementation. ERP connectivity enables seamless transfer of work orders from ERP, automated move transactions based on shop floor activity, processing completions and corresponding back flush. With the PLM connectivity, you can automate delivery of work instructions and control of deviations from PLM. Using APIs, you can gain access to key transactions data in near real time reducing the latency of your data mart/enterprise data warehouse data acquisition strategy. If you are business requiring configure to order, you can use your customer orders to shop order out of the box with our ERP connectivity.
42Q - Asset Performance

Asset Performance

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) are crucial metrics for any manufacturing organization seeking to maximize its Return on Net Assets. 42Q’s Asset Performance module gives you the visibility you need to decide where to focus improvement efforts & investments for the greatest payback to the organization. With Asset Performance, you can perform downtime analysis, capture and analyze causes of downtime, develop corrective actions based on pareto analysis of downtime root causes and more. Couple Asset Performance with IIoT and you can automate the uptime/downtime signals from the asset.
42Q - CMMS


42Q’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) module provides the tools your organization needs for managing the assets in your the factory. 42Q CMMS allows you to generate maintenance work orders, step-by-step electronic checklists, and track maintenance and calibration efforts. In addition, the 42Q CMMS enables you to perform corrective and preventative maintenance, calibration and retain history that can be used to supplement your master records for regulatory and internal audit compliance. Spare parts can be managed by tracking inventory and getting visibility into shortages for critical items that can help you deliver the service levels your plant and customer expect. Coupled with 42Q MES 101, you can get automated alerts for non-performance and automated escalations where appropriate. You can also automate the process to implement manufacturing holds to production jobs when you know that the assets are going to deliver poor quality due to lack of calibration or timely upkeep. By using CMMS, you can digitize your maintenance operations and maximize your asset contribution.
42Q - IIoT


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is about connecting equipment in your factory to everything else in your factory and your business – and it’s happening now. The IIoT module simplifies and delivers the capability to connect machines to the cloud. Couple IIoT with Business Intelligence and your executives can get real time visibility into machine uptimes and downtimes, you can apply statistical process controls to your machine data out of the box and you can get access to the raw data collected from your machines. Couple IIoT with Asset Performance and you can get out of the box OEE/TEEP. Couple IIoT with CMMS and you can manage uptime/downtime analysis. 42Q’s IIoT enables Executives and managers understand where and how their very best assets are out-performing those which should be a focus for improvement.
42Q - Labor Tracking

Labor Tracking

42Q’s Labor Tracking module enables an operations team to maximize their effectiveness by understanding where they focus their efforts every day. Tracking and analyzing labor by operation, job, product, or part, this module shows where the most human resources are being consumed and enables managers to make adjustments to operations based on where the greatest paybacks to the organization can be gained.
42Q - MES plus

MES Plus

42Q designed our MES+ module to function in standalone mode or to work in concert with an environment running MES 101. MES+ provides specific tools for manufacturers with more complex manufacturing environments or more stringent regulatory standards, including support for serialized item tracking, inbound control and kit verification.

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