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Digital Factory Starter Kit

Operational Control, Quality Management, Advanced Reporting in 2-4 Weeks.
Values & Capabilities

Delivered by Manufacturing Experts


Cloud-Based Technology

Servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and software are all leveraged within a powerful, streamlined cloud environment.

Subscription-based Pricing

Our pricing model is based on usage.

Rapid Implementation

90 day Proof of Concept (POC) offering - quick implementation is part o f our DNA.

Flexible Configuration

Ability to configure our platform to our customers' specific needs and industry.

Multi-Plant Visibility

42Q provides global visibility of production, accessible anywhere in the world with real-time analytics updates & comprehensive dashboards.

Track & Trace Genealogy

42Q provides the ultimate unit history record solution, tracking all components, product changes, repairs and upgrades.
Module Options

Digital Factory

Designed for manufacturers who need to move to advanced digital manufacturing quickly and with zero interruptions, 42Q’s Digital Factory Starter Kit provides the core functions required for controlling and managing critical manufacturing operations digitally, in an easy-to deploy, fast time-to-value package. This solution also includes 42Q’s Business Intelligence for manufacturers, which provides a toolkit for real-time data visualization of manufacturing operations. And you can get started with the first line in just 2-4 weeks.

Two to Four Weeks to Cloud MES

The Digital Factory Starter Kit was designed to be implemented in just days, rather than the months required for legacy MES solutions. Delivered from the cloud, the Starter Kit can be configured to meet the specific requirements of a manufacturing operation in a fraction of the time expected; this results from the cloud architecture, the tools and templates developed by 42Q, and from the service delivery model created by 42Q. The Starter Kit delivers faster time-to-value than any other manufacturing software, while still delivering compliance for manufacturers in highly regulated industries. Once implemented, the use of 42Q Starter Kit can be expanded, use of the 42Q Digital Factory Starter Kit can be expanded to additional products and manufacturing lines, and also extended to use additional 42Q capabilities.

MES 101: Cloud-based Operations Management and Control

This kit includes MES 101 from 42Q, which provides the core software modules for running a digital manufacturing line or factory and its accompanying quality management operations. With MES 101, users gain control of their critical manufacturing and quality operations, enforcing prescribed steps in each process and ensuring that all quality tests are performed before a product is released from production. Additionally, the system builds a complete device history record (DHR) for all products, including details from subcomponents and subassemblies, results of each completed test, and more. These same records are used to build a complete traceability tree for product genealogy.

Business Intelligence: Your Manufacturing Questions, Answered

The Business Intelligence module from 42Q provides real-time reports and alerts that enable manufacturing executives to see what’s going on in their operations - right now. From dashboards to automated reports, and including a virtual factory that provides an at-a-glance status update on all plant operations, 42Q Business Intelligence provides easily-digestible data visualizations that enable a plant manager or executive to make smart decisions based on real-time, up-to-the-second information. 42Q Business Intelligence features include dashboards and digital signage support, SPC (statistical process control), self-service reporting tools, and 42Q Live - the virtual factory map and reporting tool.


  • Serialized inventory
  • Cycle time management
  • Order management
  • Process routing control
  • Employee verification & work instructions
  • Track & trace and genealogy
  • Control plans
  • Critical to quality issues
  • Defect & repair management
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Notifications and escalations
  • Paperless traveler
  • Real-time visibility
  • Paperless operations

Our Customers Deploy in as Little as 6 Weeks

Our deployment services team is certified in our RPM (Rapid Production Model) implementation methodology and will guide you through a timely and effective deployment of 42Q.

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