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IATF 16949 Factories digitized

Automotive manufacturers face a challenging regulatory environment, highly dynamic production schedules, and an increasingly global supply chain. The 42Q Cloud MES solution was designed specifically to meet these challenges, delivering visibility and control across complex manufacturing operations and global supply chains. 42Q is IATF 16949 compliant and provides confidence based on years of automotive production in over a dozen automotive manufacturing locations. Complete product and process traceability, enterprise-wide enforcement and visibility results in predictable quality, and higher customer satisfaction.

Our clients use 42Q’s unique, multi-tenant Cloud technology to manage third-party component supplier requirements. Production data is stored in a common format that can be easily shared and integrated with these tiered systems. Full genealogy and traceability on every manufactured part is provided including detailed information such as: BOM, serial number and manufacturing dates. Test data is automatically collected and measured against specifications. Test results can drive line alerts, or even line holds to allow corrective actions.

The automotive manufacturing industry is highly competitive, and to stay on top your organization must constantly improve and innovate. Leveraging 42Q and our years of experience helping suppliers in the automotive markets will enable you to:

  • Gain real-time visibility to your production processes and measure the KPIs that inform you where to focus improvement efforts.
  • Realize Just-In-Time operational gains, controlling material flows and minimizing inventory levels on the plant floor.
  • Automatically collect data from your IIoT-enabled equipment and tools on to the shop floor, and extend visibility to your customers and tiered suppliers as needed.
  • Get your products to market faster, with 42Q’s flexible tools which speed the collection of information and enforce quality and production frameworks.
  • Deploy solutions that provide you with complete track, trace and genealogy, throughout your enterprise and into the supply chain.

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