Subscription Pricing

Monthly pricing and cloud deployment make it easy to start.

Manufacturers often over-buy when it comes to MES systems. That’s understandable, but what if you could only pay for what you need, when you need it? What if you could purchase an MES solution without a significant capital expenditure?

42Q’s subscription model allows you this flexibility. Monthly costs fit better within existing budgets. You can start small and scale as needs change.

With legacy MES software license models – once you have purchased it – you own it, even if you are not satisfied. With 42Q’s subscription model, we earn your business each month. We’re not happy until you’re satisfied.

We also have found that a subscription model allows for a more natural adoption rate. Starting small and scaling only as users become more familiar is easy to do when you only pay for what you use.

Class 2 medical system manufacturing facility, using 42Q