Cloud-based MES Solutions

Cloud technology enables benefits previously unrealized with on-premise MES systems

42Q provides an innovative, world-class manufacturing execution solution. Since our solution is cloud-based, setup and management does not require a team of IT experts. There’s no infrastructure to buy or maintain. You simply log-in, configure, then use your new MES solution.

But the advantages of a cloud-based solution go beyond the obvious. Capital expenditure, flexibility to scale, and speed to implement are also inherent in our cloud-based solution.

Capital budgeting and approvals are eliminated with subscription-based pricing. With no infrastructure and software to buy, your MES system can now be purchased as part of your operating budget.

A cloud-based MES makes it easy to scale up or down, adding new levels of flexibility. If your needs increase, it’s easy to scale up – there are no additional software licenses to purchase or install. Simply begin using the functionality you need, and the resources will be available in the cloud. If you need to scale down again, it’s just as easy.

With a cloud-based solution, time-to-value will no longer be an issue. With 42Q, you will bypass the lengthy infrastructure acquisition and configuration process, and begin using the system tomorrow.

Telecom BTO/CTO, with 42Q as the MES