Digital Factory Starter Kit

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Start your digital factory journey in just a few weeks.

Digital Factory Starter Kit

Does “Digital Factory” bring to mind the cost and complexity associated with legacy MES solutions? Are you wondering how to get started on the digital transformation journey without assuming significant risk? Think moving to a digital factory will take you months and cause endless headaches? Now you can begin your digital manufacturing transformation in just two weeks – with no interruption to your business or your customer deliveries.

42Q’s Digital Factory Starter Kit provides the core functions required for controlling and managing critical manufacturing operations in an easy-to-deploy, fast time-to-value package, delivered from the cloud. The solution also includes 42Q’s Business Intelligence for manufacturers, which provides a toolkit for real-time data visualization of manufacturing operations.

Powerful Manufacturing Software Implemented in as Little as Two Weeks

Delivered from the cloud, the Digital Factory Starter Kit can be configured to meet the specific requirements of an advanced manufacturing operation in as little as two weeks. This accelerated schedule is made possible by the solution’s cloud architecture, by tools and templates developed by 42Q, and by the service delivery model created by 42Q. The Starter Kit also delivers compliance for manufacturers in highly regulated industries such as medical device manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and automotive manufacturing. Once implemented, the 42Q Starter Kit can be extended and further customized at the convenience of the users. With the Digital Factory Starter Kit, you can begin your digital transformation quickly and simply while minimizing the risk of business interruptions or missed deliveries. This breakthrough product package jumpstarts your journey to digital manufacturing and provides advanced functions in record-breaking time.

The Digital Factory Starter Kit includes:

Shop floor functions including serialized inventory, cycle time management, order management, process routing control, employee verification and work instructions. Traceability features such as track & trace and genealogy. Quality functions including control plans, critical to quality issues, and defect & repair management. Business Intelligence reporting for easy-to-understand data visualizations of real-time data. Packaging, labeling, notifications and escalations, and paperless traveler. Real time visibility from anywhere into your factory. Completely paperless operations.

Need to get started quickly?​

The 42Q starter kits will help you to run the systems in few weeks.

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