Digitized machine maintenance. Eliminate paper. Eliminate white boards.

42Q’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) module provides the tools your organization needs for managing the assets in your the factory. 42Q CMMS allows you to generate maintenance work orders, step-by-step electronic checklists, and track maintenance and calibration efforts. In addition, the 42Q CMMS enables you to perform corrective and preventative maintenance, calibration and retain history that can be used to supplement your master records for regulatory and internal audit compliance. Spare parts can be managed by tracking inventory and getting visibility into shortages for critical items that can help you deliver the service levels your plant and customer expect. Coupled with 42Q MES 101, you can get automated alerts for non-performance and automated escalations where appropriate. You can also automate the process to implement manufacturing holds to production jobs when you know that the assets are going to deliver poor quality due to lack of calibration or timely upkeep. By using CMMS, you can digitize your maintenance operations and maximize your asset contribution.