MES Made Possible for Today’s Manufacturers

MES Made Possible for Today’s Manufacturers

Deploy a complete cloud based MES solution in just 6 to 8 weeks, avoiding CapEx costs, on-premise hardware purchases, for an affordable usage based monthly subscription.

The Solution for Manufacturing Complexity

Manufacturing operations are more complex than ever before with thousands of components, sub-assemblies, product lines, and production stages to track and manage, often across multiple facilities and even the entire world.

42Q puts the power of a fully featured MES at your fingertips, allowing you to track, control, and monitor every component, finished good, and process across all your facilities and production operations, from anywhere.

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Operational Visibility

  • Track, trace, and monitor global manufacturing operations
  • View production data and analytics by plant, by line, or in aggregate
  • Manage production, rework, and repair routing across all facilities
  • Automate component and product testing
  • Gain visibility and simplify management across multiple facilities
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  • Maintain complete component traceability
  • Track products, routing, and genealogy
  • Maintain history of automation units/devices
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Seamless Integration

  • Connect your MES with production machines and devices
  • Integrate your solution with your ERP, PLM, WMS, and more
  • Connect and integrate your MES with your suppliers and their systems
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On-Demand Work Instructions

  • Provide electronic work instructions for operators
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Quality and Regulatory Compliance Management

  • Generate accurate, reliable quality records automatically
  • Enforce quality processes with unprecedented visibility
  • Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13485, EU MDR, IATF 16949, and ISO 9001 compliance

Fast and Remote Deployment

You can deploy a complete MES system remotely, in as little as a few weeks, with a subscription-based model that keeps your costs low and avoids huge capital outlays.

  • Rapid Implementation
  • Easy Deployment
  • Modular and Scalable Platform
  • Global Visibility
  • High Availability
  • Subscription-Based Pricing

Automated Data Capture with Zebra Solutions

To help you capture data from the edge of your manufacturing operations, ensure traceability, and optimize your production management workflows, 42Q partners with Zebra Technologies to provide you with best-in-class rugged barcode scanners, printers, mobile computers, and tablets. Zebra solutions deliver access to your MES wherever you need it and help you scan and trace part numbers, serial numbers, production orders, and more—all with the efficiency and accuracy of digital automation.

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A Proven Solution Developed by Manufacturers

42Q is a leading provider of cloud MES solutions, implemented in over 100 manufacturing facilities worldwide. More than 26,000 devices and pieces of equipment securely connect to 42Q via the cloud every day, helping our customers manage their operations with unprecedented visibility and efficiency. 42Q’s mission is to deliver scalable, flexible, and easy-to-implement manufacturing solutions to their customers. 42Q’s management team has extensive experience with the architecture, development, and implementation of advanced MES and manufacturing automation systems deployed across a broad range of vertical markets. 42Q is a business unit of Sanmina Corporation.

See the Results for Yourself with a 90-Day Proof-of-Concept

We believe the best way to see what’s possible with 42Q is by using it. That’s why we’ve created the 42Q Rapid Series, a 90-day proof-of-concept of our solution, to give you a feel for how quickly and easily you can digitize a manufacturing process and start managing it with an MES on your plant floor. Contact us now to learn more and get started