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A one-stop-solution for the hi tech manufacturing operations in the discrete industry market.

42Q is Used in 50+ High Technology Manufacturing Facilities

The high tech electronics manufacturing industry is in a state of flux, with a combination of highly automated machines as well as operator inspection points. 42Q blends data collection from both manual operator input and automated machine inputs to give a single unified picture of the manufacturing process.

Testing is paramount when building electronics. Automated testers such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems or 3D solder paste inspection systems often collect hundreds of data points. 42Q allows you to connect to those machines with an extensive library of established protocols, collecting that data and tying it to the work order or serial number, and performing real-time SPC analysis. Real-time SPC can alert line operators, or place a hold on a line to prevent bad product from being built.

When it comes to tracking and genealogy, it’s important to know exactly what machine, operator, and raw material components were used to make the part. 42Q allows you to track the genealogy of that part down to the individual component level. In the event of a quality alert, you will be able to trace it down to the component and supplier.

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