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42Q – Used Today in AS9100 and ITAR Certified Facilities

Regulatory compliance, complex systems, various form factors, and the need to build to the highest level of quality are common challenges for manufactures in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry. 42Q combines years of experience and domain expertise with the latest in technology to navigate these challenges.

When it comes to manufacturing sophisticated Aerospace and Defense equipment, there is no margin for error. 42Q provides a forced quality framework to ensure each operation is executed as designed. Build sequences can be controlled so that only the right part is used in the right operation. Employee certification records are maintained in 42Q so that only the right people perform critical operations. Machine calibration and maintenance data is managed and stored in 42Q so that only the right machines are used. Together this is the foundation for build-right-first, a premise that is foundational to the Aerospace industry.

Regulatory compliance for Aerospace and Defense can be complex. Ranging from Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), to AS9100, to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), manufacturers in the Aerospace & Defense industry need a solution that will deliver extensive component and process genealogy along with a high degree of data security. 42Q helps mitigate risk by enforcing regulatory compliance and reporting requirements. Data security is handled with a multi-pronged approach that meets the toughest of standards.

Complex assemblies in Aerospace are common. Often with low volume and high variability in configuration, the build process can seem custom every time. 42Q helps automate this type of build process using dynamic routing, work instructions, and kit build functionality.

Aerospace and Defense assemblies can be large and require operators to move about the assembly, instead of the assembly moving to them. 42Q uses client technology to allow mobile, wireless access as the operator moves about. Clients can be handheld devices such as tablets or smart scanners. These clients can be attached the assembly at the beginning of the process and removed at the end, eliminating the need for paper that can be lost or damaged.

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