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Frost & Sullivan Names 42Q Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for Cloud MES (Report)

Cloud-based MES Markets – North America

Quotes from Frost & Sullivan’s Report on 42Q

“42Q’s vision of ‘taking MES to the cloud’ clearly resonates through its solution offerings and service capabilities, breathing fresh air into a market that is awash with point solutions and on-premise installations”

“42Q’s pricing strategy perfectly meets the pricing requirements of customers… This gives the customer the flexibility and room to scale as they expand – without any hassles from a cost standpoint.”

“42Q’s cloud based (approach) does not require a team of experts to maintain the infrastructure, and the cost of capital involved in setting it up is almost less than half of conventional solution start-up costs”

“Among the biggest benefits of a cloud based MES is that it is extremely flexible… and simple to scale either up or down, thereby allowing a rapid implementation cycle. Where setting up a traditional MES takes anywhere from 6-9 months or more, the implementation cycle of 42Q’s cloud based MES takes only about 6 weeks”

“it is very easy to replicate 42Q as a global standard across the manufacturing facilities of any enterprise”

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