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Cloud-based Manufacturing Execution Systems

Transform business operations with a single, intuitive and comprehensive solution.​

42Q provides users with a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that offers advantages in efficiency and cost relative to legacy, on-premise solutions. 42Q provides simplified access, ease of use and higher system uptimes. Servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and software are all accessible within a powerful, streamlined cloud environment. By combining multiple IT components into a single, optimized cloud solution, 42Q provides scalability with minimal overhead and infrastructure. 42Q consolidates many proven manufacturing applications using a common interface, simplifying reporting and training. This proven architecture is accessible, reliable, scalable, and secure.

Traceability & Unit History

Component traceability and system level unit history, all in the cloud.

Component level traceability and complete system genealogy are vital quality records, especially for regulated industries including medical, automotive and aerospace. 42Q provides the ultimate unit history record solution, tracking all components, product changes, repairs and upgrades. With 42Q, all unit history records are online and in the cloud. If a product comes back to the factory for a repair or upgrade, all of this information is automatically appended to the electronic unit history record. Being able to quickly query and sort hundreds of thousands of unit history records during a regulatory audit is invaluable, and 42Q makes this easy. Rich data capture technology collects each product’s genealogy and reports its status in real-time.

Satellite electronics production. 42Q provides complete, online component traceability

Multi-Plant Visibility

Production metrics and analytics, visible anytime, anywhere.

42Q provides global visibility of production, metrics and analytics for multiple locations, accessible anywhere in the world. Today, 42Q is implemented in many manufacturing facilities worldwide. All production data and analytics can be viewed either in aggregate, for a single plant or for a single production line within a plant. Proven, comprehensive dashboards and analytics are available to help you see, manage and optimize your global operations.

Power Inverter Manufacturing: Enclosures & PCBA’s built in China, final integration in Canada. 42Q provides visibility for entire global supply chain.

Compliance Management

Proven Solutions for Regulated Industries. Ensures accuracy, reliability, and automatic generation of quality records.

Medical, automotive, aerospace and other industries require specific solutions to meet regulatory, audit and agency requirements for quality records, software validations and process controls. Validation of software systems ensures accuracy, reliability, and consistent standards for all products produced using 42Q. For example, relevant modules within 42Q are Part 11 compliant, an important requirement for medical device manufacturing. The result is confidence when providing records for regulatory audits, especially for production implementations with hundreds of top level assemblies and complex bills of material.

On-Demand Work Instructions

Real time updates, operator training and authentication.

Consistent, up-to-date documentation is a key to ensuring quality in manufacturing. For years, 42Q has provided online work instructions along with the ability to authenticate operators, for example by badge scanning at each work station. These work instructions and badge scans are verified with an integrated online database that includes operator training records, ensuring that only trained and certified operators are allowed to work at a particular workstation and transact material.

Satellite electronics production. 42Q provides complete, online component traceability

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