42Q Trial

What is the Digital Factory Starter Kit trial?

Start your digital factory journey in just a few weeks.

Thank you for interest in the 42Q Trial

We believe the best way to see what’s possible with 42Q is by using it. That’s why we’ve created this trial version of the 42Q solution. It’s designed to give you a feel for how easy and quickly a manufacturing process can be digitized, and used on the plant floor.

The trial is best suited for discrete manufacturing. We suggest that you chose a simple area in your plant – a subassembly, or a small process for this trial. After the trial, you’ll be able to grow the solution to support your entire plant, and even the entire enterprise.

Of course there may be more complexities with your build process than this trial will allow. If this is the case, we can easily help you add those after you get the basic route configured. This may include rework routes, serialization, printing labels, and connection to automation equipment, SPC analysis and much more.

What is included with the trial?

The trial allows you to configure 1 line with up to 10 processes. Each process can have up to 5 steps each. Each step can be an instruction or a data point gathered for the unit history record. And, each process can have an electronic work instruction attached for reference.

How long does the trial last?

You will get full access to the system for 90 days. Afterwards, if you want to continue using the system, you’ll sign up for our monthly subscription service. We will not automatically bill you after the trial.

Need to get started quickly?​

The 42Q starter kits will help you to run the systems in few weeks.

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